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Manjunath Burli


Manjunath has been a serial entrepreneur and serves as CSO of Nova Global. In his early years, he started an engineering services company specialising in aeronautical and product engineering.

Although it is a natural progression in a founder’s career from being a one-man army to a leader, when you start growing, it comes with its own challenges, says Manjunath. Manjunath overcame these early challenges by accepting that he wouldn’t have all the answers or the necessary skills, and embraced the need for continued development and raring to learn.

His experience in managing cash flows, vision management, teams scaling up, branding and customer management are all coming in handy in this startup. Apart from managing customer product journeys, he also engages with potential enterprises to showcase our product and welcome them in our product roadmap.

I believe every high performing sales organisation needs to embody three key elements: Innovation, execution and extraordinary people. Nothing excites me more than building sales and partnerships organisations from scratch, says Manjunath



I am pretty excited to be the CTO of Nova Global. In this new position, I will lead our innovation efforts while continuing to manage our product engineering team.

In my 2 decades of IT experience, I have worked in VC funded product startups and IT services company working in various capacities as VP, Director, Program Manager, Architect and developer. I have been instrumental in scaling up engineering team from 20 to hundreds of people. Before coming to Nova Global, I was Vice President of a subsidiary belonging to Emirates Telecommunications, UAE.

I have played key roles in setting up centre of excellences in IOT and Mobility, while delivering a completely in-house architected and developed IoT platform in 2016.

In Nova Global, we’re on an ambitious journey to reimagine the way renewable assets are managed. Critical to this will be our ability to build simple products through world-class engineering. I am responsible and accountable for product engineering and all IT services associated with it, including research and innovation.

I also serve on the board of Nova Global along with being a Trustee of a social service organisation in Bengaluru, INDIA.



Satish serves as COO of the company managing all operational activities spanning recruitment, people management, office admin and regulatory compliance thus ensuring smooth daily operations. Satish is comfortable being outside the main spotlight and rolls up his sleeves to get stuff done. He holds a holistic and cross-functional view of all our operations. Satish has been running day to day operations in order to allow our CEO Manjunath to focus on growth, thought leadership, and implementing our vision.

Satish is a strong believer in Sheryl Sandberg saying –“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence."

Satish has also been a serial entrepreneur, marking his relationship with Manjunath for close to a decade.



“My mind works like blades of a turbine; I see everything in terms of improvement. I get inspiration from everywhere, from evaluating processes to why not we try this. I have notebooks full of drawings and lines that become an idea, then a design, and later a product. Redesigning process is important to me because I know that improvement is the key. I am an advocate for innovation with simplicity," says Shiv, "I want to make something that looks awesome and simplifies our work".

Shiv tends to believe in the famous saying “The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow” and hence always stands by another famous saying “ The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation”

Shiv is pursuing a post graduate degree in Operations management while being a graduate in Electrical and Electronics engineering. Shiv has extensive experience in Operation Management, Project Management, Asset Management, Asset Performance Monitoring, Health Safety and Environment compliance, Contract Management, Team Leadership, Pricing and Cost Optimisation, to name a few, in the renewable energy domain. He has been instrumental in successfully setting up wind and solar farms when the industry was still in it’s nascent stages.